Jokerbug 400w HMI

  • Beschrijving

    The Joker-Bug 400 output is comparable to a 1500/2000W quartz fixture, but with a power draw of only 5.5 Amps. It’s powerful enough to make a difference in daylight interiors even through diffusion materials and light banks.

    This unit has been adopted as the choice for Motion Picture Gaffers and cameramen for use with fine daylight interiors, car shots, and two camera interviews where they are most present.

    Belangrijkste Punten

    • 400W HMI PAR
    • Lamp, Multi-voltage Power Supply
    • Beamer, Head Extension Cable
    • 4 Lenses, 4 Leaf Barndoor
    • Frosted Beaker
    • Hard Wheeled Carrying Case

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